Why Do Advertisers Prefer Smaller Agencies in 2021?

November 18, 2021Insights

While some advertisers insist on paying for big names, more and more well-known advertisers are opting for the agility and expertise of small communication agencies (structures with less than 50 employees). The digital agency market is very fragmented and competition can be fierce, both in terms of expertise and communication strategy – including community management, … Read More

Community Manager – Native English speaker (UK Market)

February 20, 2020Jobs

About the company: Open2Digital is a fast-growing international digital communications agency, composed of young, multicultural, creative social media managers, community managers, web designers and webmasters. Our clients are world-renowned, spanning the industries of car manufacturing, telecom, aviation, luxury tourism, champagne and more. Open2Digital is part of the Open2Europe group, an international communications relations agency based … Read More

What exactly is SEO?

November 27, 2019Insights

3.3 million: this is the number of times people search for information on Google every day. Almost 90% of Internet users who consult data online are limited to the first page and more specifically, the first five results. Given the millions of websites, brands and companies on the web, standing out is not easy. If … Read More

Is Influencer Marketing still a trend?

October 7, 2019Insights, Trends

For several years now, influencers have been a source of great fascination and their presence on social networks has become indispensable. Daniel Wellington, a watch company that owes its explosive popularity to Instagram, is still making a buzz. But what is the key to success in transforming a logo into a “Love Brand” through influential … Read More

What exactly is a Community Manager?

September 18, 2019Insights

With regards to the ever-growing number of new professions centered around the web, it is easy to lose track of them all. However, with the rise of social media networks, one profession, in particular, has established itself in recent years: the Community Manager. But, what exactly is a Community Manager? And what are the basic … Read More

Remote working, moving towards a new way of life?

September 3, 2019Trends

The concept of “remote work ” is increasingly being used in current debates. Access to a more flexible way of working is very present among employees who desire the ability to work from a distance. Thanks to digitalization, it is now possible to access information at any time without any restrictions on equipment. This means … Read More

What exactly is a digital agency?

June 17, 2019Insights

With the emergence of new digital tools, traditional communication agencies have had to adapt and review their strategy to meet their clients’ evolving expectations. The result: 80% of communication is now digital. Thus, in order to enhance their visibility, brands must now reinvent themselves. That is why more and more companies are calling on new … Read More